Damp Penetration

Penetrating damp is classed as any water that finds its way inside from the outside.

Damp Penetration

Penetrating damp is classed as any water that finds its way inside from the outside. It occurs at all levels of the building, damaged pointing, faulty rain water goods, such as gutters, downpipes, leaking valleys or a combination of these can all cause problems within a building.

In garden level rooms or basements, if the soil or path is higher than the damp proof course, if an incorrect plastering specification is used or if the exterior walls become porous and are allowing rain water through, these are all sources of penetrating damp.

The problem of Damp penetration, if not addressed, can also cause secondary damage to a building. The unwanted moisture enables the growth of various fungi in wood causing rot and leaving it susceptible to insect attack. It can also damage plaster and decoration causing it to deteriorate and loosen. It requires a trained and qualified specialist surveyor to make an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of damp penetration and recommend the correct course of action.

Damp proofing walls below ground level is very specialist work,which is carried out by our trained and experienced technicians who have many years of structural water proofing experience. We use a tanking system which is a blend of Portland cements, quality graded aggregates and chemical modifiers which provide a waterproof cement based coating system for masonry and concrete producing a water proof barrier system against both moisture and hydrostatic ground water.

Our finished system can then be plastered, which is carried out in accordance with our damp proof plastering system, ready for decorating.

It can be used in areas affected by damp penetration to provide a dry space, utilise dormant or useless space, add value to the property, upgrade space for more sophisticated use or avoid external excavation as the application can take place from inside the building.

The two guys you sent out to do the Damp proofing treatment at my house recently are a real credit to your company. They were very polite and took great care. I would certainly recommend Dampco again.

Angela, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7

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